1. The Sloppy Drunkards - I’m Completely Under Control and Don’t Have A Problem


    The Sloppy Drunkards, everyone’s favorite Irish pub / punk rockers are back with a new set of beer soaked anthems and whiskey fueled waltzes that will surely please anyone who likes newsboy caps and leprechaun tattoos. This is their 20th album of their long career and it’s easily their best and most diverse work.

    Opener “A Drink to the Fallen Soldiers (Woah Oh)” kicks off the album with a bang, or more precisely a gang bang. By this I mean there is anthemic gang singing throughout. (Though gang bangs are also a frequent lyrical theme favored by the band.) Singer Patrick O’Seamus says of the song, “I fucking love that shitt… Blarney shitfuck…..It’s like…..(vomits)” and he couldn’t be more right on as far as I’m concerned.

    The band formed in Boston in the early 90s and became an instant favorite on the local pub scene. The band gained praise for their party jams, “Let’s Drink (Woah Oh)” and “Whiskey Rose (Woah Oh)” and for their white, Irish Catholic heritage. As their success and prominence grew, so did their famous, or should I say infamous, reputation at live shows.

    The band was known for fighting with audience members, or between themselves, especially on the song “Let’s Fight (Oy Oy).” Sometimes they would show up to gigs in the wrong day or city all together or just skip gigs  completely. Fans of the band began calling these “Phantom Shows” and bootlegs of these shows became very popular on the band’s  message board community.

    Throughout the band’s existence there have been many times that one might consider a rock bottom, but not for O’Seamus and the Drunkards. Performing live on Carson Daly’s After Dark, O’Seamus vomited all over Carson’s face and then continue to eat handfuls of his own puke. The incidence was seen by many as contributing to Daly’s continuing eating disorder. In 2001 the released the album “Rock Bottom,” an album with no intelligible lyrics and most songs ending abruptly. Producer Jimmy “Big-Time” Roberts later recalled it as the most embarrasing project he has been a part of. The music video for the song “BLRgrg (Yeah Yeah Woah)” was nothing more than a crudely shot mash-up of band’s favorite tv shows and sex tapes. Rolling Stone gave the album 14 stars, making it the lowest showing of the band’s career.

    Despite these events, the band has continued its drinking shenanigans, much to the delight of their fans. When former Bassist Colin O’Patrick fell off a ship and was eaten by sharks, he was replaced by Sean O’Shaughnessy who durnkenly fell off  the empire state building, and was replaced by Kevin O’Flaherty who fell of a giant dinosaur somewhere in the California desert. Current bassist Barney O’Maloney has fallen of the stage 130 times over his 76 shows with the band. 

    On what has contributed the band’s longevity, O’Seamus told me, “ Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming

    down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road
    met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo…” and that’s when he threw up on me.